Flabob Airport Cafe

Located at the Flabob Airport (RIR)

4130 Mennes Avenue
Riverside, CA. 92509 (map & directions)
(951) 686-6660

Price Range: $5-$10
Dining Options: Breakfast & Lunch
Outdoor Seating: Yes

What to expect: Flabob Airport Cafe was a great find. When you first arrive, Flabob’s has a feeling that you have stepped back in time. The airport is in the middle of a crowded neighborhood. Finding the cafe is easy. Go past the Pegasus, turn left at the Wright Brothers, and park in front of the Snoopy Red Baron. Inside the cafe is even better than the outside. Flabob Airport Cafe has a great atmosphere and lots of character.

The menu is what you would expect from a classic American cafe style breakfast. There is not too many places where you can still get ham and eggs for under six dollars. The service was good too. From the time arrived we were eating within 15 to 20 minutes. Even though they had a full house of customers, we never felt rushed. Flabob is a great example of a cafe that you would probably never find on your own, due to its location. Once you come here, be sure to tell everyone about it.



  1. My dad and I try and come to Flabob’s a couple times a year. You need to get there early. Great place!

  2. John D. Lyon says

    Fly-in customers are welcome too, with free transient parking nearby. The cafe building is a “repurposed” GI building which was built during WWII as the cookhouse of the NCO Club at Camp Hahn, the anti-aircraft auxiliary of March Field. Flavio Madariaga, the “Fla” of Fla-Bob, bought it surplus for a buck and brought it to Flabob as the office and cafe, about 1948. The walls are covered with photos of Flabobians past and present. The long pilots’s table down the middle is a great place to meet fellow flying nuts.

  3. My dad worked there before;)

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